The 十大菠菜靠谱老平台 (AWT) provides its members with a full range of benefits, 包括:


Network with the best resources in the industry — our members. 点击下面的链接获取更多信息.

  • 年度会议及展览会
    AWT members receive a discounted rate to our Annual Convention & 博览会. This event includes unmatched networking opportunities—receptions, 午餐, 聊天休息室, 和 more—for you to get to know the many water treaters who are part of our community. 了解更多.
  • 交换
    Our members-only online chat allows you to interact with your peers in the industry 和 get fresh perspectives 和 information on topics of interest to you.
  • LinkedIn
    This AWT chat group is open to members 和 nonmembers within the industry—allowing you to open up your discussions to a broader group. 了解更多.
  • 青年专业人员小组
    Created for the newest generation of water treatment professionals, this group allows the industry's rising stars to network with one another.


AWT provides education that benefits our member companies—from technical training that will help enhance your staff's skills to business training that will increase the efficiency of your back office. 点击下面的链接获取更多信息.

  • 技术培训讲座
    AWT members enjoy a discounted rate to our 技术培训讲座. 每年有超过300名业内专业人士参加, these seminars provide a great opportunity to build your knowledge 和 make connections with your peers. 了解更多.
  • 在线研讨会
    免费提供给AWT会员, these monthly webinars provide the convenience of online training paired with live instruction 和 Q&一个机会. 了解更多.
  • 在线培训
    这些点播课程, 以折扣价出售, cover everything from water treatment to safety training for individuals 和 companies looking for informative 和 cost-effective solutions. 了解更多.
  • 出版物
    会员可以节省高达50%的教科书费用, 参考指南, 软件, 以及通过AWT书店出售的工具. 了解更多.
  • 分析师 每季度定期
    Members receive a complimentary subscription to read in-depth articles on critical topics in the water treatment industry. 了解更多.
  • 的AWTGram
    AWT's monthly e-newsletter keeps members updated on all the association's activities 和 news.
  • 会员专用网站
    The Members Only page provides members with unique resources, 如预处理基质和氧化性杀菌剂基质.


  • 认证
    The Certified Water Technologist (CWT) program is the highest professional credential in the industrial 和 commercial water treatment field. It assures that water professionals possess a core body of knowledge 和 have extensive professional experience in all aspects of water treatment. 了解更多.
  • 青年专业人员小组
    Created for the newest generation of water treatment professionals, this group allows the industry's rising stars to network with one another.


  • AWT宣传中心
    在AWT宣传中心, 你可以通过草根游说获得帮助, crisis communications 和 find tools to reach out to students in STEM industries.


AWT partners with well respected vendors offering high-quality business products 和 services that save time, 提高生产率, 并增加利润. 点击下面的链接获取更多信息 or to start saving today, go to the 仅限AWT会员页面 获取注册信息.


  • 汽车租赁
    Let Leasing Associates takes care of your company’s car fleet while you take care of your business. Leasing Associates can source any type of vehicle, from pickups 和 vans to utility/service bodies. They can also retrofit your chosen vehicle(s) with any necessary equipment you need before you take delivery.
  • Heartl和®-简单和安全的工资和支付解决方案
    We’ve teamed up with Heartl和® to offer you easy payroll 和 HR solutions to manage your greatest asset – your employees – while also protecting your business. 除了, Heartl和® is offering you innovative payment 和 point of sale solutions to help you run your business better.
  • ASSE/IAPMO 12080培训折扣: AWT is working on training for the ASSE/IAPMO 12080 Legionella Water Safety 和 Management Personnel 认证 program. 但在准备好之前, AWT members can receive discounts on approved ASSE training offerings from HC Info 和 Special Pathogens Laboratories. 去 仅限AWT会员页面 以获得折扣代码.
  • 军团菌和水管理计划(WMP)培训
    AWT members who are not HC Info water management plan (WMP) partners can now get 25% off HC Info e-Learning courses—the same discount given to the partners. 课程列表在 http://hcinfo.com/training/. Courses 101-104 will help you in providing water management plans to your customers, 401-404课程为抽样服务. 所有8门课程都计入CWT继续教育. 去 仅限AWT会员页面 以获得折扣代码.
  • ODP业务解决方案™
    您的AWT欧迪办公®会员福利计划, 前身为Office Depot业务解决方案部, 已更名为ODP商业解决方案™. This exciting evolution allows the program to be more agile 和 innovative. You'll receive savings of up to 75% on the Best Value List of preferred products with free next-business-day delivery or pick up your online order via in-store 和 curbside pickup.
  • 西部会议服务
    AWT has partnered with West Unified Communications to offer members special rates for audio 和 web conferencing through their InterCall service. 会员最高可节省70%.
  • 联想PC商城
    作为AWT的成员, you are eligible to receive discounts of up to 30% off the everyday public web price on a wide range of Lenovo products, 包括笔记本电脑, 平板电脑, 台式电脑, 配件及更多! 除了, you can receive free ground shipping on all web orders 和 monthly limited time special offers.
  • 艾升国际物流
    艾升国际物流 is AWT's transportation provider for shipments weighing more than 150 lbs. Ascent has bargaining power with major carriers, which helps reduce transportation costs by 5-35%.
  • UPS航运和商业服务折扣
    AWT UPS去掉了猜测,把简单的放在了里面. 会员现在可以使用新的和改进的 统一费率定价 节省了 50% on Domestic Next Day/Deferred, 30% on Ground Commercial/Residential 附加服务最高50%. 除了, members can take advantage of UPS Smart Pickup® service for free.
  • Avis/Budget汽车租赁折扣
    AWT与Avis Budget Group合作, a leading global provider of vehicle rental 和 car sharing services. Avis/Budget operates 10,000 locations in approximately 175 countries. They offer AWT members up to 25% off base rates, coupons, 和 special offers.



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